• Cesmo:
    The Centre For Strategic Studies in the Middle East (CESMO) is dedicated to promoting and improving understanding of the basic mechanisms underlying the current situation and the future of the Near and Middle East. Its objectives are to:

  • promote awareness of the risks, challenges and mechanisms of the Near and Middle East

  • inform, nurture and foster debate on these risks, challenges and mechanisms to different audiences: journalists, economic decision-makers, politicians, soldiers, students, general public.

The CESMO a vocation for the study of the geographical area now commonly called the "Middle East" (in English Middle East), including countries bordering the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, ie the Near East "In its traditional French, but also all neighbouring countries.

      This geographical area is vast and is the meeting point of several "fault lines" major ethnic, political, religious, economic and social.  Getting concentrate a large number of conflicts and risk factors weighing on the balance of the whole Eurasian area.