LPHU is a non-profit organization of people with physical disabilities that has been working on disability issues since 1981. This grassroots organization is national in scope and includes community branches in six areas of Lebanon (Beirut, Byblos, Bar Elias, Mashgara, Nabatieh and Saida). LPHU is a national, non-sectarian organization and involves people from different religious groups and with various forms of physical disability. The financial resources of the organization are composed of members subscriptions, donations and financial support provided from international organizations. Currently the organization counts 1,100 members and relies heavily on the work of volunteers. There are two main fields of work of the organization: advocacy to raise awareness of the rights of people with disabilities in order to ensure their integration and raise equalization of opportunities; and community based development projects including physical rehabilitation, inclusive education and vocational rehabilitation.

The organization has been active in promoting the participation of the disabled in the decision making process and has witnessed changes in governments approach to disability. Dialogue has switched from charity to rights and from exclusion to inclusion. In May 2000 the Lebanese Parliament approved new legislation, Law 220 2000, which provides a legislative framework for the basic rights of the disabled people in Lebanon. The new legislation was the result of a long-term campaign lead by the LPHU. The law addresses the rights of the disabled persons to proper education, rehabilitation services, employment, medical services, sports, and access to public transport and other facilities. It also stresses the right to participation. Since it was passed the organization has continued to run an advocacy campaign titled ‘Towards Social Economic Integration and Equal Opportunities’ to promote its implementation, working with municipalities, ministries, the public and private sectors and civil society.