Aie Serve is a youth organization that believes in community service and personal development to achieve love, tolerance, and respect for the sake of an improved future for human kind.


The Aie Serve team aims to achieve its mission through community service activities and development projects on the following topics: leadership, communication, critical thinking, researching, environment and health. Aie Serve focuses on keeping its actions secular and without any political end.

Definitions and Explications

Action: This is not only achieved through projects and servitude but also believing in community service as a means of spreading love in a nondiscriminatory manner.
Secular: Separating governance from sectarian or religious considerations.

Guiding Principles Strengthening Us

The Aie Serve team has agreed to embark on its goals through the following principles: commitment, dedication, devotion, communication, coordination, cooperation, love, recruitment, trust, optimism, faith, professionalism, and efficiency. The Aie Serve mission would be set as a priority following the mere considerations of family, academic work, and safety.