The Lebanese Association of SOS Children's Villages is a non-profit private social organization, both politically and denominationally independent.

I wish that Lebanon would be like SOS village; a place where people from all religious communities and all regions would have a common goal; to raise children who love and serve their country.

Join the SOS, be a sponsor for a child and make her/him smile as your child does.

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I'll tell you about my experience; I sponsored a child 14 years ago in Sfaray near Jezin in south Lebanon, and now I'm his godfather as well as his sister's.  I used to visit them almost once a month and on holidays, always shared the children christmas celebrations and their birthday's parties...

Now he is a young man transfered to the SOS youth house in Abra in south Lebanon, and I'm still visiting him there...

Believe me it's an amazing experience, go and try it...

Manager : Iskandar Rached

Cell : +961 3 243949  -  Phone : +961 7 830830  -  TeleFax : +961 7 831300

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