Who are We?

Green Line is a non-governmental association independent of any government, group, or individual. It embraces the principle of environmentally sound development in the developing world.
Green Line brings together all those who are concerned with:

preserving the past, conserving the present, and giving the future a better chance .

Green Line was founded in 1991, when a group of professionals from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and their friends decided to translate their concern about the post-war devastated cultural, human and natural environment into an organized action with the following objectives:

  • Expose environmental threats
  • Popularize environmental awareness
  • Contribute towards a scientific framework for a sustainable environmental management policy.

Vision of Green Line

To embrace the principles of environmentally sound development in the developing world.

Mission of Green Line

To promote environmental awareness and document environmental threat in order to better confront them, thus introducing change at the community level within the concept of sustainable development.

Where and how do we seek funds

Many sources provide funding for Green Line activities. Logistics and publication expenses are met through membership fees, occasional fund-raising campaigns (such as the staging of an environmental puppet show, which was presented to over 20,000 young spectators), private donations and local contributions.

Meanwhile, in order to finance major projects, Green Line is soliciting funds from large international donor organizations, such as OXFAM, NOVIB, IUCN, Heinrich Boll Foundation and GTZ. Some national and regional NGO's provide Green Line with technical and financial assistance.

How does work begin

Green Line has no full time staff and all projects are implemented through the volunteer work of its members. Individual networks are led by their respective pioneers, and projects are active for as long as it takes to reach their goal! This is why some of our current projects have been on-going for several years.

How to become a member

Anyone with interest and concern for our objectives can be a member of Green Line. Since its foundation, Green Line has attracted numerous members of different ages and with different professional backgrounds. 

We believe that anyone with the incentive to work and the will to achieve can play an active role at the heart of the issues. There are currently 110 volunteers in Green Line.

As member of Green Line, you will enjoy attending by-monthly Eco-gatherings, seasonal field-trips, receive Green Line Updates and other publications, and benefit from all the services provided at our office, in addition to actively participating in any of the fields of interest to you.

The annual membership fee is 30,000 L.L. or $20 for individuals.


3rd floor, Yamout building, Spears 174,
Sanayeh, Beirut, Lebanon
Telefax: (+961 1) 746 215 or               (+961 1) 752 142