RootSpace envisions a sustainable knowledge-based economy and society in Lebanon, the West Asia/North Africa region, and the world.

RS implements strategic projects to promote the soft skills (creative problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration), key concepts (social innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development), hard skills (science, tech, project mgmt, business development), and structural supports (research, info dissemination, best practices, org/biz support & tools, social venture investment & support) to fuel widespread systemic change for sustainable social and economic development.

RS focuses its work in developing & post-conflict communities and countries, and builds connections between developing and developed nations.


RootSpace is committed to serving as a model for the values and principles it operates by, including social responsibility, inclusivity, effective/efficient/sustainable organizational management, and ethical business practices (such as transparency and accountability).

Furthermore, it strives to set the leading edge – through its own practices – for how these values are practically applied, and to extend these values to other businesses, organizations and the broader community.

All organizations and projects based in or working at RootSpace must share our core values: promoting tolerance, and democratic, just, and sustainable development; commitment to participatory and inclusive social change; not affiliated with nor exclusively serving one political group or movement; and not restricting membership, leadership, or beneficiaries based on religious, political, racial, or ethnic reasons.