Lebanon's first farmers market of fresh, seasonal, traditional, natural and organic food products.

Hammana - Broumana -Deir Al Kamar

A weekly market in Beirut, and other Lebanese regions, gathering small farmers

 and producers - true "earth and land lovers", sharing a dream and concern of

 respect and responsibility towards earth and men beyond any religion,

confession, race and color: "united farmers of Lebanon".

- a "producers only" market... not selling just products, but giving recognition to small farmers and producers and adding a face and a soul to each product: only from producer to consumer.

- "small producers of high quality"

- supporting organic agriculture

- prepetuating food traditions

- sharing the best of our land and of seasons: growing regional and seasonal

- more than a farmers market: a meeting place to share life, experiences and raise awareness through education and information.

Share the dream and reality of a better world.