“Ask the expert” is a program where we host experts in their fields and narrow audience to engage in a fruitful and interesting discussion,

Main Program’s objective:

To activate discussions among Lebanese interested citizens and experts in different fields targeting sustainable development or current important and forthcoming issues.

It is a way to revive traditional Cultural Salon in a high-tech environment.



-          As a preparation for the session, a promotional campaign (emails-website-media-SMS…)  is set to attract interested stakeholders and an online forum is started on so people can ask the guest their questions and engage in online e-dialogue

-          The sessions are audio recorded then after edited and uploaded on for public to stream online.

-          A press release is afterwards sent to the media.

-          Guests are selected according to their field of expertise and according to the “hot” subjects of the hour whether on political, cultural, economical or social levels.

-          Attendees are usually interested stakeholders, journalists and Baldati members.

-          The sessions are open for all to attend. 


Listen to the session of Ask  the expert Dr. Joseph Chami

Propose an expert you know or you would like to meet

Baldati will add him to the list of experts that we are willing to host on send us any contacts , emails, phone number ...Also you can propose a topic to . In every session we collect your questions from the website and on your behalf we get the answers from the expert.  from technology to management , from politics to development, "ask the expert" is the easiest way to meet Experts we never had the time or chance to meet and discuss. 

Fadi Abboud Joe Hatem              Ziad baroud kamal feghali 
 nazem elkhoury ghassan mkheiber  philipe skaff  Nouha Al Ghosseiny 
Riad el Assaad  Michel Elefteriades  Simon Abi Ramia  Michel Elefteriades
 Joseph Chami  Nada Zaarour