Visit to Gemayze

Interior Minister Ziyad Baroud visited Gemayze on Saturday March 28, 2009 after recieving several complaints from the residents.

Security measures were taken, cars were removed from both sides and preparations were made for the visit of Minister Ziyad Baroud. During his visit, 213 driving licences were suspended because the drivers were driving without putting their seat belts especially the valet parking.

Cars parked in a no parking zone were removed. Minister Baroud was very strict in applying the law and he even gave fines and he wrote them himself.

We need ministers that goes between the population and work on the ground to "Lead By Example" and not only sit behind their desks. Minister Ziad Baroud thank you for being their for the citizens.

In the next few days we will have a tour in Gemayze and see if this visit had an impact on the Valets parking, restaurants, pubs and especially the police.