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 Beirut has been exposed to cultural changes due to contacts with many civilizations. This city had interacted with cultures from the Greeks to the Romans and, presently, to the Arabs. Not only was there a law school under the Romanized Berytus, it was also believed to be the first law school in the world. Because of this, this is currently part of the cultural pride of the Lebanese. Beirut enriches Lebanon and the whole area with life, energy and modern character. This is related to the fact that it is projected into the sea with high mountains at its end.

Surviving the precedent conflicts, wars and massive destruction; Beirut has earned herself the surname:


“The city that would not die.”


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Beirut got in the Roman era a superior fame, being a greater and more important center an institute of the law all over the empire, and it has increased an importance this more famous - cars mechanics - Ogero - Lebanon index

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Camille Tayssoun

Camille Tayssoun

Beirut's welcoming Mediterranean climate goes far beyond the temperature. The city's atmosphere throbs with joie de vivre. A cosmopolitan capital city and provocative college town, the "Paris of the East," offers unforgettable experiences to travelers of all walks of life.

In Beirut, you can unwind with a seaside promenade along the Corniche at sunset, or a dip into the warm Mediterranean waves. Feast on world-class cuisine in Downtown Beirut, or check out the city's Bohemian side in the Gemmayzeh district.
Firas S.Shamieh

Firas S.Shamieh

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Lebanon on Wednesday rejected a call by Israeli Prime Minister  Olmert for peace talks and demanded that Israel withdraw from occupied territory along the international border.

Siniora pledged two years ago that Lebanon would be "the last Arab country to sign" a peace treaty with Israel. 

                                                                                                         The Daily Star


What do you Lebanese and Beirut residents think about this proposition??

How do you feel regarding the offer and the answer it got from the Lebanese government??

We are all interested in your opinions and feelings,

Discuss, talk and share your thoughts with us………

We are waiting for all!!!!

Rony Gedeon